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SKF launches a new range of SE bearing housings

SKF launches a new range of bearing housings that boost load capacity and exploit the full service life potential of the incorporated bearings.

The new housing - called the SE bearing housing - is an upgrade of the highly successful SNL housing series and is fully interchangeable with the SNL housing. The new SE housing is able to accommodate a wider choice of bearings and seals, as well as a variety of shaft arrangements and lubrication methods. The bearing housing also improves performance while significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime. The new upgrade offers a versatile solution for mounted bearing applications and is designed to meet the needs of applications across virtually all industrial and processing sectors.

Higher strength - Heavier loads

To accommodate the increased load carrying capacity of its bearings, SKF has constructed its new SE bearing housings from a higher strength cast iron that can accommodate heavier loads. This, coupled with a stiffer, more robust design, also prevents the housing from becoming distorted by over-tightening of the attachment bolts.

More cost effective and reliable lubrication

The design of the SE housing also enables more cost effective and reliable lubrication; an effective grease guiding system allows relubrication from the side and applies grease directly to the bearing. Improved heat transfer from the bearing outer ring to the support surface also reduces the temperature in the bearing, extending relubrication intervals while increasing the service life of the bearing and lubricant. In addition, the improved machining accuracy used in the manufacture of SE housings results in a more accurate bearing seat in the housing, which reduces vibration.

High resistance to corrosion

SE bearing housings also offer high resistance to corrosion, providing C3 corrosivity class protection to meet the standards set by ISO 12944, while the environmental impact of SE housings has been declared in an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) that meets the requirements of ISO 14025.

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