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Five Reasons To Choose A Camozzi Cylinder For Your Mining and Quarrying Application

Camozzi Cylinder

ACORN North’s Business Development Manager, Craig Tivey, has racked up an impressive amount of experience supplying pneumatic products to the mining and quarrying industry during his 18 years at ACORN. 

Here, he talks us through his top five reasons to choose a high-quality pneumatic Camozzi cylinder from ACORN for your aggregates application.

1.Robust products for harsh environments

Products used in the mining and quarrying industry need to be robust and durable in order to stand up to the harsh conditions which are common in this environment. Camozzi cylinders have been designed to provide efficiency and reliability to the aggregates industry to enable maximum productivity and minimise downtime.

A popular customisation to Camozzi cylinders is the addition of a metal scraper, which continuously cleans substrates such as cement, mud, resin and ice from the rod, keeping the cylinder free from contaminants and improving reliability.

2.Excellent stocks

When you need a replacement pneumatic cylinder, you need it quickly. With ACORN, you can have the cylinder in your hands within a matter of hours after placing your order. This helps businesses to get back up and running as quickly as possible, allowing you to maintain production and keep your downtime to a minimum.

3.Short lead times on non-standard cylinders

Thanks to ACORN’s close working relationship with Camozzi, we are able to source non-standard cylinders on short lead times. I’ve even been known to drive to Camozzi to collect a special order and deliver it to the customer myself the same day in order to keep the customer’s downtime to a minimum.

4.Fast interchange service

It is easy to switch to Camozzi cylinders using our fast interchange service. We can quickly cross-reference your current brand of cylinder with the comparable Camozzi cylinder, making the changeover fast and simple. 

5.Refurbishment service

For larger, more specialised cylinders, it often works out more cost effective to refurbish an existing cylinder than to buy new. We can offer a full refurbishment service on Camozzi cylinders, allowing you to reduce both costs and downtime.

For more information about Camozzi cylinders, contact your local branch today.

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