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Featured App of the Month: SKF Shelf


Screenshot of web pageIf you can't always get access to the literature you need, the SKF Shelf App (opens new window) allows you to download and access SKF brochures and product information straight to your smart phone or tablet.

Screenshot of app

The app is easy and simple to use, allowing for both on and offline access to technical product information and material, meaning you have the right information to hand wherever you are.

SKF Shelf can save and organise your information exactly how you want it. It has 25 categories to browse, including industries such as Agriculture, Food and Beverage and Marine along with over 6800 information sheets, brochures and articles to choose from.

There are over 33 language choices and an option to filter literature in available languages, making SKF’s information and literature more accessible than ever! The fact that you can carry SKF's product knowledge and literature around in your pocket makes this app well worth downloading.

All in all, we rate the SKF Shelf app as one of the best product information tools available.


The SKF Shelf App is available through the App Store and Google Play.