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Do Wind Turbines Really Work?

Wind farms and wind turbines are a subject which can summon a range of different views and feelings ranging from delight in wind being used as power to absolute disgust that large turbines are appearing across the countryside.  As turbines can be such a contentious issue it is important to have a proper understanding of their purpose as well as their efficiency and any impact they may have. 

There are some commonly held views that wind turbines and wind farms are large, noisy and unsightly but these views are not always necessarily true.  Whilst it is true that wind turbines are large and do emit some noise they are usually placed in areas where people will not be affected by the noise; turbines are often placed on agricultural land or areas away from habitation or even in the sea.  The opinion that turbines are ugly and unsightly is really down to personal taste and opinion.  The design of a wind turbine is similar to traditional wind mills and so could perhaps be seen as simply a modern and updated form.  Some people believe that wind turbines are so efficient that they have them installed near their house to provide their own energy.  Although installing wind turbines on private property is relatively new it is becoming a popular idea.  Naturally not all areas are suitable as there has to be a sufficient level of wind in order to generate electricity from the turbine.

One company which has a connection with the wind turbine industry is SKF who have provided key components such as tapered roller bearings to the companies responsible for manufacturing the wind turbines.  SKF provide parts for multiple areas of wind turbines from the shaft to the gearboxes and generators.  As well as providing components they are also able to provide advice and assistance due to their extensive knowledge and involvement in the industry. As people have so many doubts and questions about the efficiency of wind energy it is important that the efficiency of the turbines is seen as a priority.  SKF recently announced that they had designed a new tapered roller bearing specifically for use in wind turbines and called it the nautilus.  The idea is that as the nautilus bearing has been designed specifically for use in the turbines it has been designed to improve and increase the efficiency of the turbine.

You may have some doubts about using wind power as a source of energy and you may question the need for wind farms scattered across the countryside but you should also remember that it is still a relatively new industry.  Wind turbines and wind energy is an area which is receiving a lot of work and investment from different companies and organisations in order to make it a much more efficient industry and to eliminate any doubts about the part that wind turbines have to play.  Changes and improvements are still being made so the likelihood is that wind energy will continue to grow.