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Brands in the Spotlight: Petro-Canada

Petro-Canada is synonymous with premium quality lubrication products, helping machinery across every industry to run smoothly and meet its full potential. Whilst the intensifying demands on industry continue to place increased strain on machinery, Petro-Canada strives to counter this by producing quality lubrication products to support reliable operation.

But who is Petro-Canada and which of their products should you be looking out for?

In this article, we'll take a closer look at Petro-Canada, giving you a unique insight into this company. We'll explain exactly what Petro-Canada stands for, as well as showcasing some of their most popular products.

Who is Petro-Canada?

Petro-Canada was formed in 1976 as a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Sun Oil Company. In 1978, Petro-Canada purchased an interest in the Syncrude oil sands project and began to position itself as a major player within the industry.

Over 30 years ago, Petro-Canada created its specialist lubricants division, responsible for researching, developing and producing world-class lubrication products for industry. This includes lubricants, greases and speciality fluids.

Today, Petro-Canada lubrication products can be found in almost every country across the world, supporting machinery to perform at its best. In fact, Petro-Canada is one of the largest producers of lubrication products in the world. Its base oil refinery in Mississauga, Ontario has an annual production capacity of over one billion litres. This makes Petro-Canada one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality lubrication products for industry.

Petro-Canada is perhaps most renowned for its ability to solve problems in each and every industry. For example, it offers food-safe lubrication products that extend maintenance intervals and reduce downtime in the food and beverage industry. This innovative research and development model means that Petro-Canada offers pioneering products to solve challenges in every industry.

What products does Petro-Canada offer?

Petro-Canada is world-renowned for its premium quality lubrication products. This includes lubricants, greases and speciality fluids. Whatever your application requirements, Petro-Canada is bound to have a lubrication product on offer to meet your needs.

Let's take a look at some of the lubrication products that Petro-Canada has to offer.

Bearing lubricants

Petro-Canada manufactures a range of bearing lubricants to keep your bearings operating at their best, as well as supporting them to achieve their maximum service life. These include anti-rust lubricants, extreme pressure (EP) greases and corrosion inhibitors.


General lubricants

Petro-Canada's general lubricants include a range of products to tackle the most arduous tasks. These include lithium grease, PTFE greases, multi-purpose grease and silicone oils.

Compressor and gear lubricants

Petro-Canada manufactures compressor and gear lubricants to prevent the risk of damage for your machinery. These include food-grade mineral oils, refrigeration oil, bio-based lubricants and compressor oil.


Chain lubrication

Petro-Canada has various chain lubricants on offer, to suit every type of chain including roller, drive and conveyor chains. These high-quality lubrication products will help to protect your chain from corrosion, whilst enabling it to operate smoothly and without unnecessary friction.

Automotive fluids

Petro-Canada has a range of semisynthetic transmission fluid, gear oil and automatic transmission fluid to meet the lubrication requirements of your vehicle's transmission system. These enhance performance in cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles across the globe.

Where are Petro-Canada lubrication products used?

Petro-Canada's premium quality lubrication products are used across the globe, in almost every industry. From food production lines to automotive plants, Petro-Canada lubrication products support industry from behind the scenes, helping production to keep moving.

Some of the industries that rely on Petro-Canada lubrication products include:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Food & beverage
  • Forestry
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining & quarrying
  • Oil & gas
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Recycling
  • Transport

Where to buy Petro-Canada lubrication products

Petro-Canada is one of the world's leading producers of quality lubrication products. This innovative company has developed products to solve challenges that are faced in each and every industry, from mining and quarrying to processing and packaging. But where can you buy Petro-Canada lubrication products?

Here at ACORN, we are proud to be an authorised distributor of Petro-Canada lubrication products. From food-safe greases to specialist automotive fluids, we can work with you to find the right Petro-Canada lubrication solution for your application needs.

If you're facing challenges when it comes to finding the right lubrication product for your machinery, we are here to help. Our maintenance product experts are on hand to assist you in finding a solution that stands up to the unique challenges that your industry faces.

If you're thinking about choosing Petro-Canada for your lubrication needs, our maintenance experts are ready and waiting to talk you through your options. Contact us today to discover the perfect Petro-Canda lubrication products to solve your application challenges and optimise your uptime.