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Brands in the spotlight: Ewellix

Image including Ewellix logo and three ball profile rail guides

When you're looking for smooth and accurate linear motion products, it won't be long before you come across the name EWELLIX. That's because EWELLIX are one of the world's leading brands when it comes to linear. But who are EWELLIX and which of their products should you be looking out for?

In this article, we'll take a closer look at EWELLIX, telling you everything you need to know about this company. We'll also discuss some of the most popular EWELLIX products on the market today, giving you an exclusive insight into their most popular ranges.

Tell me more about EWELLIX

EWELLIX is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance linear motion products, including linear actuators, linear guides and ball and roller screws. You'll find EWELLIX products used in a wide range of industries, including automation, packaging and material handling.

With a long and successful history, EWELLIX has been developing innovative linear motion products for more than 30 years, offering both mass-market and custom solutions. Headquartered in Beijing with an engineering office in Hangzhou, EWELLIX supplies its linear motion products to countries across the globe.

EWELLIX is committed to developing high-quality linear motion products that help customers increase productivity while reducing maintenance requirements. By using its extensive research and development experience, as well as combining this with ongoing customer feedback, EWELLIX has created a broad range of innovative solutions to stand up to the challenges of almost every operating environment and industry.

What products does EWELLIX offer?

EWELLIX is renowned for its high performance range of linear motion products, which range from linear actuators to ball screws and everything in between. If you’re looking for smooth and accurate linear motion, EWELLIX is a great choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the range of linear motion products that EWELLIX offers.

Linear actuators

EWELLIX linear actuators come in a variety of sizes, with numerous choices to match every application and sector. For example, if you operate in an environment where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum, EWELLIX has a range of linear actuators which operate silently, helping to prevent noise pollution.

Not only that, but EWELLIX linear actuators feature a compact design, meaning that they require minimal space. This makes them ideal for applications where space is limited. They can also be installed at almost any angle, whether you require a vertical actuator, a horizontal actuator or an actuator that operates on a diagonal angle. The choice is yours!

Linear guide rails

EWELLIX linear guide rails offer uncompromised rigidity along with high load capacity. They are characterised by their excellent stability, making them ideal for every application. EWELLIX guide rails are available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring you find the right linear motion product for your system.

EWELLIX also offers rail mounting brackets, so you have everything you need to complete your linear motion solution.

Linear carriages

The EWELLIX range of linear carriages offers a unique design, which features a simple slide guide system. One of the most impressive features of EWELLIX linear carriages is the ease of installation, which enables you to get up and running with minimal set up time required. This helps to keep your business running, minimising your downtime and enhancing your productivity.

Linear guide assemblies

EWELLIX linear guide assemblies combine a compact design with a high load carrying capacity, making them suitable for use in a vast range of industries. If you’re looking for highly accurate linear motion, along with low friction operation for maximum efficiency, EWELLIX linear guide assemblies are the ideal choice.

Ball screws

EWELLIX ball screws offer smooth motion, low noise and high precision. They can be used on existing machinery or integrated into new applications that require linear motion. The EWELLIX range of ball screws includes ground, rolled, miniature and long lead ball screws.

Where are EWELLIX products used?

You’ll find EWELLIX linear motion products used in every country across the globe. This is because EWELLIX’s range of linear components have been innovatively designed to stand up to the challenges faced in every industry.

Here are just some of the industries and applications in which EWELLIX linear motion products can be found:

  • Packaging – used for feeding packaging equipment such as printers and palletisers.
  • Material handling – often used as part of a conveyor system to transfer materials through the production line.
  • Robotics – ideal for automation applications that require smooth and reliable linear motion.
  • Medical – used in diagnostic and surgical equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical – used in pick and place applications for the manufacture of drugs.
  • Food and beverage – used to transfer products and liquids quickly and efficiently along the production line.
  • Automotive – used in the assembly of new vehicles, ensuring accurate placement of components every time.

Where to buy EWELLIX linear motion products

EWELLIX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of linear motion products, with innovative products which solve challenges across almost every industry. Whatever your requirements, EWELLIX has linear motion products available that prioritise accuracy, maximise efficiency and enhance productivity. But where can you buy EWELLIX linear motion products?

At ACORN, we are proud to be a EWELLIX preferred partner, offering their full range of linear motion products. From highly accurate linear guide assemblies to efficient linear actuators, we are delighted to work in collaboration with EWELLIX to meet your linear needs.

If you’re thinking about choosing EWELLIX for your linear motion application, our linear experts are on hand to talk you through your options and guide you through the process of finding the perfect products for your machinery. Contact us today to find the right linear motion products to solve your application challenges.