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Blue Products in Food & Beverage

FS Blueline Blue Thermoplastic Bearing Housings and Stainless Stee Bearing Inserts

Steve Brooks - Acorn Industrial Services Ltd (South West)Steve Brooks at Acorn South West takes a look at a new product for the Food & Beverage industry.

The colour blue is used throughout the food and beverage industry for many types of product. We tend to use this colour because it is not generally found naturally within our food chain. Therefore, any foreign objects falling into food can be easily spotted and removed.

We use lots of different blue products in food and beverage, from first aid products such as sticking plasters to blue plastic bowls, bins and buckets for the processing and moving of foods. Engineering products don’t tend to follow this rule, but it would make sense to try to keep to this industry standard if possible. Bearing units are one engineering product which can benefit from the use of the food blue colour. When fitting bearing units, the norm is to use a white thermoplastic housing and stainless steel insert. However, wouldn’t it be better if the thermoplastic housing was that same food standard blue colour? FSB BLUELINE is the first bearing unit to incorporate the unique blue colour making it a visibly safer option for food processing plants and factories etc. The blue thermoplastic housing is available, either on its own, or complete with a stainless steel bearing insert making it the perfect option in applications which are frequently washed down.

If you would like more information on the FS Blueline bearing unit, contact your nearest branch for details.