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Ambersil add to food processing Safe range

Ambersil have announced a further addition to the Food Processing Safe (FPS) range of MRO products for the food & drink market.

Hi-Load Lube FG is an NSF H1 registered, synthetic NLGI 2 grease, formulated for heavily loaded bearings, slide surfaces and other demanding lubrication applications. Highly stable with a long service life, Ambersil Hi-Load Lube FG contains additional levels of extreme pressure additives.

Features and benefits of Hi-Load Lube FG include:

  • Provides long lasting lubrication
  • Safe on most rubbers, plastics and coatings
  • Effective lubrication for hi-load applications >400kg
  • Wide operational temperature range from -40C to +180C
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor
  • Resists water washout <1%
  • Very good oxidation stability

Ambersils Hi-Load Lube FG is ideal for:

  1. Food & drink companies
  2. Chilled distribution hubs/warehouses
  3. Processors who grind/mill spices, flour etc
  4. Aggressive wash down environments where existing grease struggles.

Contact your nearest Acorn branch for further details.