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Acorn's customer satisfaction spans the globe


I want to share a conversation that one of my colleagues had with a Canadian gentleman the other day. It started with an enquiry for a very unusual bearing and ended with a very satisfied customer - and a glowing testimonial for Acorn.

It’s always good to get feedback from customers. It’s a great feeling when you can help a customer out of a tight spot, and our team thrives on that customer satisfaction buzz. Even more important, is learning how we can improve our service when we get it wrong - Thankfully, with a 99% picking accuracy and 99.5% delivery record, these are few and far between!

This is the conversation which happened via email:

Customer: Hi Helen, thank you for your prompt and kind response. I want to confirm that Acorn actually has this unusual bearing already in its possession, in stock. (I have contacted SKF worldwide and they only show reserves of it in Italy, and SKF Canada said 4-6 weeks to have it brought over...)  If you do have one unit of the item SKF 613742c/c4 there with you, I would certainly make the purchase. Thanks much in advance,

Acorn: Good Morning, we do not have the item here, however it is stock at SKF Belgium. We get a shipment daily from them. Hope this helps?

Customer: Hi Helen, thanks very much, that is very helpful.  (Can we deduct the VAT) and get a price for Royal Mail air post to Canada?  That would be amazing actually. I really need this odd bearing ASAP, with much thanks.  Can I arrange to pay with Visa...or paypal perhaps, not sure. I am an individual buyer, not a business. But Acorn really is the most helpful I have encountered so far searching for this item SKF 613742 c/c4.  Again, thanks for all you personal help on this.

Acorn: You're welcome Glen, thanks for your nice words also. Yes please deduct the vat, however we cannot offer royal mail, we would use DHL Express. 1-3 day service. I hope this is acceptable.

Customer: Hello Helen, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you and Acorn provided, you truly have saved the season for me. It is quite unusual these days to get such excellent response in business. Please feel free to forward this thank you message to your sales manager as proof of your fantastic customer service, thanks again.
Sincerely, Glen Smith - Canada.