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6 Stats that prove Sure-Flex®Plus couplings are the market leader in elastomer couplings

70% - Sure-Flex has 70% of the elastomer sleeve coupling market and when introduced, was the first of its kind.

3x - Sure-Flex® Plus lasts over three times longer than the competition

30% increase torque rating. The new enhanced Sure-Flex® Plus EPDM and Neoprene Sleeves reduce maintenance and providing longer service life in demanding applications.

50% - The increased torque rating enables users to choose a one-size smaller coupling in over 50% of common applications.

25%  - Being able to use a smaller coupling, OEM’s can save on average 25%. In turn, future maintenance costs will also be reduced by around 25% compared to replacing a larger coupling.

100% No need to replace the full coupling. SureFlex is 100% compatible with the current industry standard which TB Wood’s created 50 years ago.



Sure-Flex couplings are also

  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Offer best in class performance
  • Low transmission of vibration
  • Simple three-piece design

Just some of the reasons why Sure-Flex is considered a favourite amongst users worldwide. To find out if Sureflex is the best coupling for your application, speak to our Couplings & Drives specialists today.