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5 reasons to choose Tsubaki Lambda for your Food & Beverage application

Legislation in the food and beverage industry is strict – and for a good reason. It is essential that only food grade products come into contact with food and beverage goods which will later be ingested. However, this can cause challenges when it comes to component selection in the food and beverage industry. 

Tsubaki’s lubrication-free Lambda chain is a deserving contender when it comes to power transmission chain in food production plants. Here are our top five reasons to choose Tsubaki Lambda for your food and beverage application.  

1. Complies with industry standards 

Tsubaki Lambda is lubricated as standard with NSK-H1 food grade lubricant, meeting industry requirements for components which may have incidental contact with food products. NSF-H3 food grade oil is also available upon request. This makes Tsubaki Lambda chain ideal for a vast range of applications in the food industry. 

2. Lubricated for life 

This chain has an innovative self-lubrication feature which means that requires no re-lubrication throughout its service life. To accomplish this, Tsubaki Lambda features oil impregnated sintered bushes within its chain. The time and manpower which are saved by removing the need to re-lubricate deliver a major cost-saving to the business.  

3. Stands up to the tough industry conditions 

The food and beverage industry inflicts harsh conditions on machinery, from high pressured washdowns to extreme temperatures. Tsubaki Lambda chain has been designed to stand up to moderate washdown routines, as well as having the ability to operate in temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celcius. Higher temperature options are also available on request for the most extreme environments.  

4. Minimal lubricant leakage 

 The oil impregnated sintered bush that Tsubaki Lambda features helps to retain the vast majority of lubricant within the chain, minimising lubricant leakage. This is essential in the food and beverage industry, where lubricant leakage could lead to product recalls being required due to contamination.  

5. High strength 

Tsubaki Lambda chain utilises a patented ring coining production process, which is applied to the connecting links of the chain. This delivers a dramatic increase to the chain’s strength, helping to reduce the likelihood of breakage during operation. This reduces downtime to the business, as well as reducing replacement cost over time.