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Gates Polyurethane belts

With outstanding protection against abrasion and shear, Gates’ range of polyurethane belts are constructed from high-grade polyurethane. This enables Gates’ polyurethane belts to deliver high strength and tractive resistance along with excellent dimensional stability.

Reasons to buy from us

What types of polyurethane belt are available from Gates?

Gates manufactures a broad range of polyurethane belts to suit most applications across almost every industry.

The high-quality polyurethane construction of these belts provides excellent resistance to oils, fats and greases, along with acids and alkalis. This makes these belts particularly appropriate for use in the food and beverage industry.

The Gates range of polyurethane belts includes:

  • Gates Synchro-Power® polyurethane timing belts
  • Gates Poly-Chain® high power polyurethane timing belts
  • Gates Synchro-Power® double sided polyurethane timing belts
  • Gates Polyflex® polyurethane v-belts

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