Flender couplings

The Flender Coupling range includes solutions for almost any industrial application. Flender’s vast experience in coupling & gearbox manufacture guarantees quality and reliability, even in the harshest of environments. As a UK Flender distributor, ACORN offer the full range of flexible couplings and torsionally rigid couplings and can provide help and advice on selecting the right coupling for your particular application.

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What is the Flender range of couplings?

Flender’s range of couplings is vast, with options available to suit most applications operating in almost every industry. The range includes:

  • Flexible couplings such as the N-EUPEX® claw coupling and the RUPEX® pin and bush coupling.
  • Torsionally rigid couplings such as the ZAPEX® ZW gear coupling and the ARPEX® all-steel coupling.
  • Hydrodynamic couplings such as the FLUDEX® fluid coupling.
  • Highly flexible couplings such as the ELPEX® flexible ring coupling and the ELPEX-B® rubber tyre coupling.

Backlash-free coupling such as the BIPEX-S® claw coupling and the SIPEX® metal bellow coupling.

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