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With outstanding dampening properties, jaw couplings are able to transmit motion whilst offering protection against vibration and shock loads.

As an authorised distributor for all leading jaw coupling manufacturers, we're confident we can offer you the best range of jaw couplings to suit your application - Whatever that may be. Choose form complete couplings or individual hubs and elements, all held in stock with same day availability. 

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What are the features and benefits of jaw couplings?

Jaw couplings are made up of two metallic hubs along with an elastomeric spacing element, also referred to as a spider. It is this elastomeric element which provides the dampening protection. Different levels of dampening protection are available to suit application requirements.
From a fail-safe design to versatile application, jaw couplings have a vast range of features and benefits. These include:

Three-part construction

Jaw couplings comprise of two metallic hubs and an elastomeric spacing element, commonly known as a spider. This three-part design makes installation, inspection and replacement quick and easy, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Fail-safe design

Jaw couplings feature a fail-safe design. This means that in the event of a spider failure, the coupling will continue to operate without its dampening properties until the spider is replaced.

Dampening properties

This flexible coupling offers some absorption of vibration, along with dampening moderate shock loads. This helps to protect surrounding machine components against the damaging effects of vibration and shock loads.

Suitable for high speed operation

Jaw couplings are suitable for use in applications with a high RPM such as gear boxes, providing there is minimal shaft misalignment.

Low maintenance operation

These couplings do not require lubrication during operation, making their maintenance requirements extremely low and helping to reduce machine downtime for the business.


Jaw couplings are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including mixers, compressors, blowers, pumps, gear boxes and conveyors.


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Jaw couplings FAQs

What is a jaw coupling?

A jaw coupling is a type of mechanical coupling used to connect two shafts together for transmitting power. It consists of two hubs with protruding jaws and an elastomeric spider placed between them to absorb shock and misalignment.

How do you choose a coupling?

Choosing a coupling involves considering factors such as torque requirements, shaft misalignment, operating speed, environmental conditions, and space constraints. It's essential to select a coupling that matches the specific needs of your application to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How do jaw couplings work?

Jaw couplings consist of two hubs and an elastomeric spider that absorbs shocks and misalignments.

Can jaw couplings operate without the spider?

Yes, in the event of spider failure, the coupling can continue to operate without dampening properties until the spider is replaced.