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Cooper take-up unit split housings

Take-up housings are an efficient means of tensioning the pulleys of conveyors and elevators. The units consist of a split cylindrical roller bearing in a swivel cartridge mounted in a cast iron sliding unit.
Take-up housings are available in two designs:

  • Push type
  • Tension type

The housings are typically mounted at each end of the shaft with an end cover using a locating bearing on each side.

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What are the benefits of using Cooper take-up units?

Cooper Take Up Units consist of a superior quality Cooper split roller bearing inside a swivel cartridge, which is mounted within a cast iron sliding housing.

What are the benefits of using Cooper Take Up Units?

Cooper Take Up Units feature the innovative split to the shaft technology, which enables the bearing to be inspected, maintained and replaced without surrounding equipment needing to be dismantled. This helps to save both time and cost, as well as reducing the risk of personal injury and damage to equipment.

Cooper Take Up Units are self-aligning and have superior sealing functionality: essential features in a Take Up Unit. This makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and conditions.

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