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Cooper square flange housings

Cooper square flanged housings provide a simple means of mounting split roller bearings against a face or bulkhead perpendicular to the shaft. They can be used for both the locating (designation suffix GR) and non-locating (designation suffix EX) bearing positions. Alternative designs, e.g. an axially compact housing design with a flat flange, are available on request. 

Permissible misalignment

Under constant or slowly changing alignment conditions, there is a permissible misalignment up to 2,5 ° without compromising sealing capability.

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Features of the Cooper square flange housing

Using the same split to the shaft technology that’s synonymous with Cooper bearings, the square flange unit can be dismantled without the need to remove adjacent machinery. Simply remove the top half of the flange and cartridge to inspect the roller bearing and replace if necessary.


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