Condition monitoring

The Continuous Monitoring of specific machine parameters provides an early warning system for maintenance engineers by detecting component problems and failures earlier, avoiding the costly expense of unplanned downtime. 

Engineers check machine condition monitoring statistics

By adopting a condition monitoring approach, your rotating industrial assets will last longer, produce more and perform better. 

Whatever your condition monitoring budget, there's an IMAnalytics solution to suit your requirements. IMAnalytics is available in three packages – Easy, Basic and Advanced for industrial applications. In addition, the devices have open interfaces, making it possible to combine several methods of analysing machine health and adapt to different environments and machines easily. Condition monitoring can be fitted to equipment such as fans, electric motors, pumps, gearboxes and many other types of machinery.

IMA Easy

Provides easy installation through wireless sensors that create an innovative mesh network. The system measures the overall vibrations and temperature, delivering a cost-effective and straightforward solution.

IMAnalytics Easy system for condition monitoring

IMA Basic

The IMAnalytics Basic solution has been developed for machines where standard vibration and temperature measurements need to be complemented with other data sources. The Basic solution allows for the combining of measurements from several sources, such as oil analysis and any standard analogue sensors.

IMAnalytics Basic condition monitoring system

IMA Advanced

This Advanced solution is used for the asset health monitoring of large machines such as gearboxes, compressors, supply pumps, generators, large fans/blowers and other assets critical to a process. IMA Advanced is suitable for slow-moving, fast-moving and variable-speed machines.

IMAnalytics Advanced condition monitoring system