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Infrared thermometer checking the temperature of a motor


SKF Quick Collect

Item code: CMDT 391-EX-PRO-K-SL

Hire rate for 24 hours: £250
Need it for longer? Not a problem. Contact us to hire this item

Take velocity, acceleration enveloping, and temperature measurements.

  • Bluetooth communication 
  • Easy to understand indications of machine condition
  • A rugged industrial design
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 
  • Option to connect, store and share data on the cloud
  • ConnectS directly to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services
  • Apps for both iOS and Android devices
Quick Connect sensor


SKF Infrared thermometer

Item code: TKTL 21

Hire rate for 24 hours: £30
Need it for longer? Not a problem. Contact us to hire this item.

  • LCD colour display
  • 8 laser targeting
  • High accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Can be used with any SKF temperature probe
  • User selectable multiple temperature measurement modes
  • Scan function
  • Temp range Infrared -60 to +760c.
  • Temp range using probe -64 to +1400c
SKF TKTL 21 Infrared thermometer


SKF Endoscope

Item code: TKES 10F

Hire rate for 24 hours: £100

Need it for longer? Not a problem. Contact us to hire this item.

The visual inspection Endoscope is a high resolution miniature camera, with up to 2™ digital zoom, that gives a
clear and sharp full screen image.
Available with a 1 metre insertion tube in three different variants; flexible, semi-rigid, or with an articulating tip. Longer flexible and semi-rigid insertion tubes are
available as accessories
The small tip diameter (5.8mm), allows easy access to most applications.
The Endoscope is supplied with a side view adaptor allowing inspection of applications such as pipe walls

TKES10F Endoscope with flexible tube


SKF Grease Test Kit

Item code:TKGT 1

Hire rate for 24 hours: £60

Need it for longer? Not a problem. Contact us to hire this item.

The SKF Grease Test Kit allows adjustment of grease relubrication intervals according to real conditions. 
It performs 3 tests:

  1. Consistency test
  2. Oil bleeding characteristics
  3. Contamination evaluation

No special training needed to perform the tests
No harmful chemicals required
Only small samples needed - it takes only 0.5g of grease to perform all the tests

SKF TKGT 1 Grease testing kit