CMAC 4370-K, SKF, Triax accelerometer kit (KIT, TRIAX ACCL, W/ADPTR & CABLE)

Accelerometers, EAN code: 7316572813171

Brand SKF
Mfr Part No. CMAC 4370-K
Acorn Code CMAC4370-K-SKF
HS Code 8482 99 00 90

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SKF's triax accelerometer quickly and automatically measures horizontal, vertical, and axial (triaxial) data with the press of a button. Triaxial measurements offer the user additional information on the condition of machinery, enabling a more complete diagnostic analysis. For example, measuring in a vertical direction often provides insight into how the shaft is restrained when considering bearing looseness. A horizontal orientation is preferred for bearing fault diagnosis and an axial measurement can provide clues as to the severity of shaft misalignment.

The SKF Microlog can acquire data simultaneously from all three axes The triax accelerometer also enables measurement in any of the three axes where, in specialized cases, a single point accelerometer would be unable to measure data due to physical mounting restrictions or a difficult to access mounting surface.

For those who typically collect triaxial data, the sensor dramatically reduces data collection time. For users who up until now have collected only one data point per sensor location, triax offers the advantage of additional information for improved diagnostics. The triax accelerometer facilitates the efficient collection of accurate and repeatable machine date for enhanced decision making.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code CMAC 4370-K
Basic Product Description Triax accelerometer kit (KIT,TRIAX ACCL,W/ADPTR & CABLE)
Weight (Kg) 1.16
Sensor Sensetivity 100 mV/g
Product type Accelerometers
EAN 7316572813171


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