Bearing grease

Correct bearing grease selection is crucial in ensuring your machinery runs efficiently. Incorrect grease type or poor lubrication practices often cause machine breakdown, resulting in unplanned downtime and even lost production.
When choosing a lubricant, it's essential to consider the following conditions surrounding your application; this can help determine whether you will require a mineral oil or lithium soap-based grease:

  • Temperature
  • Load
  • Extreme pressure
  • Food grade
  • Eco-friendly/Biodegradable

Contact an ACORN product specialist for assistance in choosing the best bearing grease.

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Why is proper bearing lubrication important?

Reduced Wear

An effectively lubricated bearing has a lower coefficient of friction, meaing that the wear on the bearing is much lower. This gives the bearing the best possible chance at achieving its full service life. 

Protection From Contamination

As well as reducing friction, lubrication has the secondary function of protecting the bearing from contamination. This reduces the risk of premature bearing failure, helping to increase uptime for the business. 

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