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SKF's New Machine Condition Indicator - an economical vibration sensor and indicator for monitoring of non-critical machines

The SKF CMSS 200 Machine Condition Indicator is an economical vibration sensor and indicator for monitoring of non-critical machines. It is ideal for machinery with constant operating conditions not previously monitored in plants. The device can be compared to the “check engine” light in a car.


  • Autonomous operation
  • Velocity measurements for general machine health
  • Enveloped acceleration measurements for early detection of bearing failure
  • Temperature measurements to indicate uncharacteristic heat
  • Two modes of operation to address many different machine types
  • Transient protection and retry algorithm to avoid false alarming

The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is slightly larger than a standard industrial accelerometer. It is 68.3mm in length and has a stainless steel base diameter of 33.7mm.

The enclosure is made of durable polymer. The interior is entirely sealed to environmentally protect the electronics and to achieve the highest ingress protection rating (IP 69K).

The top of the unit features three LEDs to indicate the machine and bearing condition. In addition, it features a barcode with serial number for machine identification purposes and easy incorporation into an Operator

Driven Reliability (ODR) program, maintenance routes or scheduled check-ups.

The stainless steel base on the bottom of the unit has 1/4-28 tapped threads for stud mounting.

What the "check engine" light does for the car, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator does for industrial machinery. Once the SKF Machine Condition Indicator is illuminated, it alerts the predictive maintenance technician to do a root cause analysis on the machine.

Internal sensors measure velocity, enveloped acceleration (bearing or gear impulsive vibration) and machine surface temperature.

A magnetic read-key is included to pro-gram the SKF Machine Condition Indicator. It is used to activate the SKF Machine Condition Indicator, change operating modes, set vibration baselines, acknowledge alarms, and reset the SKF Machine Condition Indicator.

The SKF Machine Condition Indicator features three LEDs that rotate and blink green, amber or red at various intervals and durations to indicate the current mode or alarm status.


  • Provides a simple, low cost solution to determine the basic machine health on assets not necessarily being monitored
  • Frees up time to concentrate on root cause analysis or maintenance instead of problem detection
  • Non-critical machine routes could be more widely spaced, e.g., every other month instead of monthly, with the SKF Machine Condition Indicator installed and replaced by a simple, quick check of the LEDs

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