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SKF release Bearing Assist App to aid bearing maintenance

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Last week, SKF released their new Bearing Assist app that guides engineers with bearing mounting. The app joins SKFs wide range of mobile applications aimed to aid engineers with the process of selecting, ordering and fitting parts.

Poor fitting methods can be attributed to 16% of all premature bearing failures, meaning that getting the method right for specific bearing is crucially important. The Bearing Assist App from SKF, guides the engineer step-by-step through the whole process – enabling those of all abilities to fit bearings with confidence.

SKF bearing assist app displayed on a smart phoneThe app also includes features that allow the user to plan and prepare for changing their bearings by suggesting the best tools, parts. Meanwhile, bearings can be filtered to search for dimensions and bearing type so the user can find the exact bearing needed and if the user already knows the bearing and requires more information, they can simply input the designation or scan the barcode on a bearings packaging.

When it comes time for the main event, the Bearing Assist app gives a range of options when it comes to how the user wants to mount their bearings – this will then provide the relevant visual step-by-step mounting instructions. Tick the stages off on the checklist to ensure all steps are completed then use the journal to save and track mounting and replacement history.

All-in-all, this app is an all-star when it comes to aiding the quick and safe replacement of rotary bearings. Selecting & mounting bearings has never seemed so simple and accessible!

The SKF Bearing Assist App is available of the AppStore and GooglePlay from 9th June 2020.