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Featured App of the Month: Hutchinson Poly-V Design App

If you're struggling to decide what Poly-V belt will optimise your electric engine, or simply don’t have time to calculate the perfect belt, the Hutchinson Poly-V  Design App aids you in the design of the optimum Poly V Belt for your engine.

Well laid out and straight forward to use, the Hutchinson Poly-V design app makes it simple for electrical engineers to make a first approach to designing the optimum Poly-V Belt for electric drive systems. All the information it requires is the classification and input of the engine before calculating the results for you!

The app is completely free and is available on phone, tablet and desktop and it can be used both on and offline on all platforms. Also, with 7 different languages to choose from Hutchinson have made the app extremely accessible.

With 98% output, rapid set up and the increased belt life of the Hutchinson Poly-V belt coupled with this easy and quick tool, replacing and installing the Poly-V Belts on your electric engines could not be easier.