Fenner Drives NuTLink composite v-belts

For superior performance in harsh environments, Fenner Drives’ NuTLink twist-link belts may be the solution. These composite belts deliver an extended service life with an excellent resistance to oil, chemicals and temperature.

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What are the features and benefits of Fenner Drives NuTLink composite belts?

Fenner Drives’ NuTLink composite belts offer a high-performance solution to the power transmission industry.

With Fenner Drives’ pioneering twist-link design, these belts are quick and easy to fit, maintain and replace, even on the most inaccessible of drives. No dismantling of surrounding equipment is required, and the belts are simply twisted together without any welding or specialist machinery.

This belt is ideal for heavy-duty applications which are prone to regular shock loads. It is also well-suited for use in harsh environments thanks to its excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and temperatures.

For applications where noise levels are a concern, these belts operate with minimal noise and vibration, keeping the disturbance to a minimum.

The NuTLink composite twist-link belt is a direct replacement for classical v-belts of up to a C/22 cross section, meaning that they can be easily interchanged with leading brands to quickly reduce maintenance costs and improve performance.

Thanks to its low stretch and small drive tension, these belts deliver an extended service life, helping to keep your downtime to a minimum. If a section of the belt does become damaged, you can simply replace the affected links, saving on the costs of a full replacement belt.

To find out more about how Fenner Drives’ NuTLink composite belts could benefit your application, contact your local sales team today.

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